Welcome to HAS Fodder Limited, (est. since 1972)

Exporters of Pakistan Rhodes Grass, Wheat Straw and Alfalfa Hay.

From humble beginnings in a converted farm shed, HAS Fodder Limited has become the premier exporter of Pakistan Rhodes grass and wheat straw to the dairy and beef industries in United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and South Korea.

HAS Fodder Limited leads the market and currently accounts for almost one quarter of Pakistani Rhodes grass and wheat straw exports.

HAS Fodder Limited also operates a successful yellow maize/corn operation supplying maize grits to domestic and export livestock. HAS Fodder Limited also have considerable farming operations growing cereal hay and grain. As a Karachi based company, HAS Fodder Limited has expanded its operations across Pakistan in order to meet the demands of competing in a global market and ensure continuity of supply.

As a rural enterprise, every aspect of HAS Fodder Limited’s operation is founded on core values of honesty, quality and fair dealings with all stakeholders from the grower, through the supply chain, to the farmer using our fodder.